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1987 Pontiac Fiero GT

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Once I had the "trunk lid" off I had a peek how involved the procedure was.

Are you there?

Very involved I must say.

The battery was the first to go out. Then I started removing all the electrical and vacuum hoses and color coding or labeling them. Remove the AC lines and ECM main harness connections. Had to remove complete interior console including the shifter knob to get at the ecm wiring harness and feed it thru the hole. Removed air cleaner assembly and throttle body. Then it was time to undo the fuel inlet and return lines and plug of the ends. Next were the heater core hoses connected to the waterpump and brake booster lines. By now it is a big mess underneath the car of all kinds of fluids. I tried to get them contained but some of them spilled. (Sorry David Suzuki). Now it was time to remove the retaining bolts holding the strut towers and the dogbone had to be removed. More vacuum hoses to be removed. Geez, wish I was working on the big brother besides the Fiero, at least does not have all this epa crap on it.
the cradlethe cradlethe cherry pickerlast check

fiero gt| engine removal

Everything is disconnected.

ass up

Time for the cherry picker to do its job! or is it?

OK, so far so good. Oops, still got to remove the blower assembly at the rear of the engine bay. It blows cool air onto the engine. The blower motor is located in between the trunk and the engine bay. Removed the cruise control canister and cables. Transmission shifter and selector cables were also removed. Jacked up the ass end as far as possible and put stands under the K-frame. Removed the strut tower hold down bolts. Now once the car is up there is a few more thing to do: removing the AC compressor. The wheels and mudskirts were removed before I started on the engine accessories. Removal of the tranny cooler lines. More juices on the floor. Brake lines, is getting to look like a lake now.
Parking brake cable removed. Finally we are getting closer to touchdown. Now the rear cradle bolts which had been soaking in penetating oil for days, have to be removed. That breaker bar sure helped. Got them out. Halleluja, time to hook up the cherry picker to the trunk latch hook. Yes you heard it right, the trunk latch hook; its good for over 5000 lbs. Picture downloaded from the Fiero Forum, a great place for Fiero owners and a thank you is in place for all the great information and help I got from it and its members. Moved the home made dolly under the engine and lowered the car onto it. OK, start jacking the picker. Up about a foot an then there are 2 more ridiculously positioned coolant pipes to be removed. Done. Jacked up the picker carefully and dad checking all the clearances side to side and front and back. Very tight! Jacked that sucker up about 41/2 feet, close to the ceiling, to get the clearance to move the dolly from under the car and to the side. Not much room to move and the exhaust system doesn't make it much easier.
basement please

fiero gt| engine removal

Picker did its job !


And the garage is mine for the next few months.

Moving the dolly to the workbench area was harder then I figured. With the exhaust sticking out it was hard to manouver and we finally plunked it down in front of the work bench with not much room left. It was blocking the workbench, the freezer and the walkway to the back door. Next weekend I started removing the exhaust system and exhaust manifold. Exhaust manifold had a big crack in it which I welded up. Ok, it looks like Mount Everest now, I am not the greatest welder. Dad ground it off so it looks a bit decent at least. Ok, now its time to make some room ont he other side of the garage for all the parts coming of off the engine. Dad, yes again, made me some shelfs in the corner of tha beack of the garage.
I put the removed tranny on the dolly and moved it under the Fiero and lowered down the car on stands. Now was a good time to go into the engine area and checked out all the other parts and clean out the engine area.
basement please
                                                                                                                                                                                             fiero gt| engine removal
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