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1987 Pontiac Fiero GT

We build Excitement

                                                                                            Time to strip the engine.

Remove all the accesories..

Removed the struts, CV joints and the axles. Oops, all the needle bearings fell out. Removed the transmission and clutch and put on the dolly and under the car. Removed all the accessories, alternator, ac compressor, pulleys and mounting brackets. Now it was time to start on the top. Removed  all fuel lines and vacuum hoses. Marked all for reassembly. Removed distributor, coil  and all electrical lines. Picked up all the needle bearings and repacked. Thank god, they are all there.
Removed all the sensors. Some do not work and have to be replaced. Removed intake plenum and injectors. Marked all for correspinding hole. Removed exaust manifold. Had a crack in it so I did one of my Mount Everest weld jobs. Tested, no leaks. Removed engine mounts. Drained oil (in a pail Mr.Suzuki) and removed oil filter. Removed starter and saved the shim and marked for re-install. Removed oil pan. Removed oil pump.
                                                                                                                                    fiero gt | disassembly
Valve covers, heads.
Removed valve covers, gaskets and disassembled valve mechanism and marked all. Actually, I made a box divided in six spaces and put all parts in it according to firing order.  Removed cylinder heads and scraped clean. Removed lifters, rockers, pushrods and again put them in my "special" box. Cleaned all and inspected. Then I went on to remove the timing cover, chain and dampner. Now for the big stuff. Removed cam sprocket and end plate. Slid out the cam shaft and removed the harmonic balancer.
Now to the basement where I removed the main caps and crankshaft. Removed conecting rods and moved pistons out of cylinder. Re-installed caps on connecting rods and stamped the rods with corresponding "hole". Removed the cam bearings and main and rod bearings (there is the culprit!). Removed all frost plugs and now we have a bare block ready for the cleaner.
                                                                                                                                   fiero gt | disassembly

I waz The Cleaner.

Cleaned all parts except the ones I replaced ofcourse. Took the block to dads work and stuck it in the Hotsy cleaner. Then it was of to Fraser Valley Engine and Machine to have the block and heads magnafluxed. PASSED. Had the block bored and honed 0.040".  While there I bought most my parts. More in the Parts section.
Cleaned the valve covers and painted as I did with the oil pan. See that one bolt? Sucker broke off and I had to extract it and then tap it.  In the mean time I inspcted the clutch, flywheel and tranny.
fiero gt | disassembly
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